By Octavia Payne Global Forest Watch Commodities just released the new PALM Risk Tool, which helps companies spot deforestation in their supply chain before it happens. This powerful new tool combines cutting edge geospatial data with an unprecedented dataset of 800 palm oil mills all around the world—with more being added constantly. Here are three easy steps to start using the PALM Risk Tool today.

1. Visit Global Forest Watch Commodities

From the Global Forest Watch Commodities homepage, navigate to the map.

GFW Commodities Homepage

2. Turn on the analysis feature

Click the Analysis button in the upper left corner of the map.

GFW Commodities Homepage

3. Select palm oil mills of interest and analyze with the PALM Risk Tool!

Once the analysis panel is open, click “next” and choose “palm oil mills points.” This will open a list of nearly 800 preloaded palm oil mill point from which to choose. The user can also click “Select from my features” to upload custom mill points. Next, turn on the PALM Risk Tool feature and click “Perform Analysis” to generate a risk report!

PALM Risk Tool

The risk report tells you which of the selected mills are at high-medium-low risk of being associated with deforestation. Companies that buy palm oil can use this information to engage with the mills that pose the greatest risk to their sustainability goals. Get started with your own analysis today on