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4 Things to Know About Australia’s Wildfires and Their Impacts on Forests

Australia’s bush fires are the worst in the country’s recorded history. Already, millions of acres have burned, creating dangerous levels of air pollution, displacing nearly 90,000 people and killing a billion animals. Global Forest Watch Fires sheds light on what’s happening in Australia and the impacts fires could have: 1) Australia’s fires are seriously unprecedented. The number of fire alerts in […]

Macaws, Movies, and a Legacy of Environmental Protection: Q&A with Dr. George Olah, Part 1

As a tool open to everyone, GFW’s maps and data have been used in some creative ways. Dr. George Olah, a conservation geneticist and wildlife filmmaker, employed GFW to help tell the story of one of South America’s most iconic birds in his recent film, The Macaw Kingdom. He has been researching and filming macaws […]

WRI to collaborate with Peruvian Forests and Wildlife Agency through Global Forest Watch

By Ruth Nogueron On the sidelines of COP 20 in Lima, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Peruvian Forests and Wildlife Resources Control Agency  (“Organismo de Supervisión de los Recursos Forestales y de Fauna Silvestre” – OSINFOR) signed a collaboration agreement to increase the transparency of forest information in Peru and to support improved […]