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0 to 2 Million in Under 5 Years: GFW Celebrates a Growing Usership

Global Forest Watch (GFW) has recently passed a major milestone: its 2 millionth user! In just four and a half years, 2 million people have come to this collection of maps, graphs and data. That means 2 million people planning patrols in protected areas, searching for information on tree cover loss, or monitoring the forests […]

PARTNER POST: Global Forest Watch reaches 1 million users

By Camellia Williams This week we’re celebrating a huge Global Forest Watch (GFW) milestone – 1 million users! We’re delighted that so many people are using GFW to keep watch over the world’s forests. To celebrate this achievement we’re going to highlight some of the different ways GFW has been helping governments, businesses and researchers. […]

GLAD Alerts Under Construction

By Mikaela Weisse You may have noticed that there haven’t been any new visualizations or subscription emails for GFW’s GLAD tree cover loss alerts in the last few weeks – we’ve encountered a bug that’s preventing us from registering new alerts in our system. Basically, it’s a big data problem: the alerts are so numerous […]

GFW Climate: Global Forest Watch developing new app to track carbon emissions from forest change

By Nancy Harris and Jamie Gibson By the time climate negotiators sit down at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference in Paris this December, a new GFW app will enable anyone to visualise the climate impacts of tropical deforestation. Global Forest Watch (GFW) and Vizzuality have teamed up once again, this time […]

GFW User Profile: Ashlan Bonnell

For this installment of GFW User Profiles, we spoke with Ashlan Bonnell, writer and editor at What organization do you work with? I work for, a business intelligence solutions provider. I am currently the Managing Editor for our corporate blog. I also handle marketing materials and campaign management. How did you become interested […]

GFW User Profile: Sébastien Proust

For this installment of GFW User Profiles, we spoke with Sébastien Proust Alliance Coordinator for the Mexico-REDD Alliance Project in the Yucatan Peninsula (Coordinador del Proyecto alianza Mexico-REDD en la Península de Yucatán, Mexico), The Nature Conservancy. What organization do you work with? I work for The Nature Conservancy in Mexico, specifically in the Yucatan Peninsula. I […]

GFW User Profile: Rudo Kemper

For this installment of GFW User Profiles, we spoke with Rudo Kemper, GIS & Web Development Coordinator. What organization do you work with? I work with GIS and remote sensing at the Amazon Conservation Team, primarily for the country of Suriname. Much of my work deals with mapping forest change remotely with satellite data, working on participatory […]

View, Analyze, and Download Global Forest Watch Data Easier Than Ever With New Features

By Benjamin Jones, Asa Strong and Alyssa Westerman The Global Forest Watch team is excited to announce another round of upgrades that will improve your experience on the Global Forest Watch platform. Over the past year, GFW has expanded to include more forest and land-use data and advance functionality. To better accommodate new data, showcase existing […]

Global Forest Watch has a new look!

By Crystal Davis, Alyssa Barrett and Sarah Alix Mann Global Forest Watch is changing how people see forests. GFW launched nearly one year ago, captivating the world with interactive maps showing the startling disappearance of forests over time.  Now anyone with an internet connection can use GFW to monitor forests in near-real-time. But GFW is not just […]