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Introducing the 2018 GFW Tech Fellows

GFW is pleased to announce the five fellows who will form the first-ever GFW Tech Fellowship! These individuals, selected from over 350 applicants, will collaborate with GFW over the next five months on projects that use innovative technologies to improve forest monitoring efforts. These fellows represent a range of sectors including government, civil society and […]

Early Warning Systems for Deforestation: An Explainer

Identifying illegal forest activities using traditional methods such as foot patrols can be time consuming, expensive and often ineffective at stopping clearing before it’s too late. But thanks to recent technological advancements, we can detect forest disturbances more quickly than ever. Authorities can now prioritize areas for investigation and enforcement using satellite data to rapidly […]

PARTNER POST: Informing Collective Management of Private Forests in Uganda using GFW and Mobile Mapping Technologies

By Lilian Pintea The Global Forest Watch (GFW) platform presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the work of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in protecting chimpanzees and their habitats in Africa.  In this blog I would like to share how JGI and partners are building capacity to eventually use Global Forest Watch in combination with mobile technologies […]

PARTNER POST: Global Forest Watch: New Eyes on Chimpanzee Habitats in Africa

By Lilian Pintea Chimpanzees, our closet living relatives, depend on forests. The greatest concentrations of chimpanzees are found in rainforests across the equatorial forest belt in Africa — habitat that is rapidly diminishing as forests are cleared for agriculture and infrastructure. This is a story about how technology and a new partnership are working to […]