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Embers Under the Earth: The Surprising World of Coal Seam Fires

The world is on fire, and not just from forest fires or volcanoes. Across the globe hundreds of fires burn low and slow on dirty fuel beneath the earth, smoldering for decades or even centuries. These fires are known as coal seam fires. They occur underground when a layer of coal in the earth’s crust is ignited. Due to […]

Satellites Uncover 5 Surprising Hotspots for Tree Cover Loss

By Rachael Petersen, Nigel Sizer, Matt Hansen, Peter Potapov and David Thau Cet article peut être lu en français. Este artículo se puede leer en español. The world’s tropical forests are in trouble, confirm new satellite-based data from the University of Maryland and Google, and released today on Global Forest Watch. The world lost more than 18 million hectares (45 million acres) of tree […]

How Much Rainforest Is in That Chocolate Bar?

By Nancy Harris, Octavia Payne and Sarah Mann With the world’s appetite for chocolate at an all-time high, producers are looking for new places to grow cacao—the raw ingredient in cocoa and chocolate. Some are turning to South America, where satellite images show one cacao plantation encroaching dramatically on the Amazon rainforest. Historically, much of […]

Technical Blog: A Fresh Look at Forests, 2011-2013

By Peter Potapov, Matt Hansen, James Anderson and Rachael Petersen Note: This blog provides details on reprocessed tree cover loss data released by the University of Maryland, Google, the USGS, and NASA. The text below provides details specifically on the 2011-2013 reprocessed data, but also applies to newly released reprocessed data from 2012-2014. In this most recent update, some additional […]

New Study Shows Indonesia Losing Primary Forest at Unprecedented Rates

By Ariana Alisjahbana, Fred Stolle and Belinda Margono New analysis published in Nature Climate Change shows that Indonesia is losing primary forest at a staggering rate. The country now has the highest rate of loss in tropical primary forests in the world, overtaking Brazil. Primary tropical forests are the most carbon- and biodiversity-rich type of forest ecosystem. Led by Belinda Margono (also […]

5 Overlooked Deforestation Hotspots

By James Anderson In appreciation for all the benefits forests provide for us, the UN has announced that today, March 21, be recognized as the International Day of Forests. It is a day to celebrate, among other things, the progress we have made improving forest management. But before getting carried away with the spirit of celebration, consider this: […]