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Save the forests? There will soon be an app for that

By Luiz Amaral and Andrew Steer The world has never seen such political momentum to protect our planet’s forests. Around the world, 366 companies, worth $2.9 trillion, have committed to eliminating deforestation from their supply chains, according to the organization Supply Change. Groups such as the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, the Consumer Goods Forum and […]


A Year in Review: Global Forest Watch Highlights from 2016

By Octavia Payne 2016 has been a busy year for Global Forest Watch! From the launch of new web applications to the addition of new data sets and features, Global Forest Watch is becoming an ever more powerful, customizable platform that meets our users’ needs. As we wrap up the year, let’s look back at […]


Technical Blog: Soy Data for Brazil’s Cerrado

By Sarah Sargent and Ryan Sarsfield Taken by Paulo Q Maia (Flickr). License information here. Global Forest Watch (GFW) Commodities recently released new data and analysis for soybean production in Brazil’s Cerrado biome, a mix of forest and savannah rich with biodiversity and carbon. These data show users the spatial extent of soy production and how […]


Companies Can Find Deforestation-Free Soy in Brazil’s Cerrado, Thanks to New Data

By Ryan Sarsfield Cerrado Parque Estadual dos Pirineus by Jonathan Wilkins via Wikimedia. The photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Just ten years ago, Brazilian soy’s reputation was at an all-time low for its links to deforestation in the Amazon. The industry, environmental NGOs and the Brazilian government reacted swiftly to establish […]

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Coming Soon: 2015 annual tree cover loss data to be released early 2017 with new upgrades

By Mikaela Weisse and Matt Hansen Every year, the GLAD group at the University of Maryland works to update the annual tree cover loss data on Global Forest Watch. But with the huge volume of satellite imagery input and computing power needed to process it all, this is not yet a smooth process. On top […]

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3 new features on GFW Climate measure progress on forest conservation goals

By Nancy Harris and Carolyn Ciciarelli Since GFW Climate launched in Paris last December, we have been hard at work to move users beyond just viewing pixels on a map to better understanding how those pixels translate to real world impacts on international climate change mitigation efforts. GFW Climate has released three new features that […]


Terra-i expansion fills important gap in near real-time forest monitoring

By Mikaela Weisse It is crucial to learn about tree cover loss as early as possible if we wish to stop it. However, when we took down the monthly FORMA alert system in April, we were left with only annually updated information for all but a few countries. Today, Global Forest Watch is closing the […]


Customizing GFW made easy with Map Builder

By Thomas Maschler and Asa Strong WATCH OUR WEBINAR to learn how to use GFW Map Builder Open data enables communities and decisions makers around the world to engage in important societal and environmental issues. It increases transparency and informs actions that often affect livelihoods. But simply making data ‘open’ doesn’t guarantee change. To drive […]


Watersheds Lost Up to 22% of Their Forests in 14 Years. Here’s How it Affects Your Water Supply

By Yiyuan Jasmine Qin and Todd Gartner Drought in Sao Paulo. Flooding in the Himalayas. And pollution in Sumatra. These three distinct water crises have a common cause—degradation in forests. That’s because upstream forests, wetlands and other “natural infrastructure” play a critical role in supplying clean water downstream. They stabilize soil and reduce erosion, regulate […]


A Closer Look at the Brazil GLAD Alerts

By Mikaela Weisse Today, Global Forest Watch released a new forest monitoring system for Brazil called the GLAD alerts (named after the Global Land Analysis and Discovery lab at the University of Maryland). Brazil is certainly not new to the idea of monitoring forests via satellite, which may leave some users wondering about what this […]


New Satellite System Analyzes Brazil’s Forests Weekly. Will It Help Curb Deforestation?

By James Anderson and Mikaela Weisse As Rio’s Olympic stadiums empty and athletes head home, Brazil’s big moment in the global spotlight seems to be drawing to a close. But if we take the opening ceremony’s commentary on forest restoration and climate change to heart, Brazil is more relevant than ever. Brazil’s forests, from the […]

Global Forest Watch and Forest Resources Assessment

Global Forest Watch and the Forest Resources Assessment, Explained in 5 Graphics

By Nancy Harris, Rachael Petersen, Crystal Davis and Octavia Payne Today, we have more data about forests than ever before, but we still can’t seem to agree on where, when and why forests are changing around the world. Even two prominent global data sources appear to disagree, at least on the surface. “World deforestation slows […]