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Part of the supply chain-- a citrus transport truck in Peru

GFW Pro’s First Year Offers Hope for Supply Chain Transparency

The agriculture and food industry is struggling to find a clear path to reduce its impact on the world’s forests — a reality that was made overwhelmingly clear when we entered a new decade and most, if not all of the industry, had failed to meet their 2020 no-deforestation commitments. While the start of 2020 […]

Plantation landscape

Improved Universal Mill List Expands Partnerships, Improves Transparency in Palm Oil Industry

Last year, when the Universal Mill List (UML) was launched on Global Forest Watch (GFW) and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) PalmTrace, the palm oil industry took a step towards improved supply chain traceability and transparency. Today, the release of a newly updated version of the UML represents another leap forward, further aligning […]


Will the Start of Forest Fires Season Hamper Indonesia’s Progress in Reducing Deforestation?

Indonesia brought its deforestation rate down for the second year in a row in 2018 after experiencing record highs. This downward trend was a bright spot for the world’s forests: Tropical forests around the world lost 12 million hectares of trees in 2018 alone, an area of land the size of Belgium. However, with Indonesia’s […]

Oil Palm work

A New Tool Can Help Root Out Deforestation From Complex Supply Chains

Imagine you are a sustainability officer for a candy company that uses palm oil in its chocolate bars. How do you determine if the oil you are buying has contributed to deforestation? The above graphic represents one potential path palm oil can take from farm to product. It’s a common quandary: More than 360 companies […]


Artificial Intelligence Helps Distinguish the Forest From the Trees: Part 1

Since 2015, World Resources Institute (WRI) and Orbital Insight have worked together with a grant from the Generation Foundation to find new applications of computer vision and deep learning that will support Global Forest Watch in better monitoring the world’s forests. This blog is Part I of a series that explores our latest project working […]


Getting at the Source: Universal Mill List Improves Traceability of Palm Oil Supply Chains

Despite the increasing number of corporate commitments to zero-deforestation, tracing products back to their sources still proves an obstacle to determining whether or not companies have met their sustainability goals. Palm oil supply chains are large and complex and achieving traceability to farm level can be a time and resource-intensive undertaking. A major consumer goods manufacturer might buy from a dozen or more direct […]


Drivers of Deforestation in Indonesia, Inside and Outside Concessions Areas

By Arief Wijaya, Reidinar Juliane, Rizky Firmansyah, Tjokorda Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi and Hidayah Hamzah Tersedia dalam Bahasa Indonesia di sini. Oil palm plantation in Bogor, Indonesia. Photo by a_rabin. Deforestation in Indonesia is an old tale. People know the rate keeps increasing, but they’re not quite sure why. Some blame the oil palm and pulp and paper plantations, but not everyone […]


Land and social (in)justice in South Sumatra

By Dean Affandi, Adi Pradana, Gita Syahrani and Novita Liangga Kumala This article is part of a series of blog posts examining the One Map Initiative at the local level. This post focuses on a conflict between a palm oil company and a small community in South Sumatra. See below for related blogs on land-related conflicts involving other stakeholders and […]


Companies Can Now Spot Deforestation in their Palm Oil Supply Chains Before it Happens

By Sarah Lake and Octavia Payne Half of all packaged consumer goods contain palm oil. Photo by 1Flatworld (Flickr). Half of all packaged consumer goods from shampoo to donuts contain palm oil, but the ubiquitous product comes at a cost—widespread deforestation from plantations, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, which produce 85 percent of all palm […]


For Companies that Cut Protected Forests, There’s Nowhere to Hide

For products like cacao (above) and palm oil, sustainability is increasingly critical to the corporate bottom line. Bobby Neptune/USAID. By Sarah Alix Mann and Octavia Aris Payne Some companies are learning the hard way that sustainability is increasingly critical to the corporate bottom line—and that advanced technologies make unsustainable and illegal practices easier to detect. The Roundtable on […]


Linking products to places: the initiatives working to end deforestation

By Crystal Davis Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest, near Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, Brazil. Photo by Neil Palmer/CIAT for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). (Flickr). Why do we let history repeat itself? Less than six months ago, fires raged in Indonesia, blanketing the region in toxic smoke and releasing […]

Indonesia, 2007.

Mill Data: A Step towards Achieving Transparency in the Palm Oil Sector

By Lyndsey Dowell, Anne Rosenbarger and Sarah Lake Palm oil production, a major driver of deforestation in the humid tropics, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, poses potential reputational risks to companies associated with it. Recognizing these risks, a growing number of firms have announced ambitious commitments to reduce or even completely remove deforestation from their supply […]