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3 Ways Governments Can Prevent Fake Data on Forests

Landscape in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Moses Ceaser/CIFOR For years, non-government organizations in Indonesia have been pressuring the government to release data on its forests, such as the location of agricultural plantations and protected areas. Access to government-owned forest data is critical in the country because deforestation runs rampant, in part due to unreliable […]

Tracing the paths to forest destruction: new crowdsourcing initiative tackles logging roads in the Congo Basin

By Thomas Maschler, Leo Bottrill and Rachael Petersen “Roads are the seeds of tropical forest destruction,” said the prominent ecologist Thomas Lovejoy. But until now, roads have been difficult to map and visualize, often discovered only after they have been abandoned and the damage to the forest around them has been done. A new tool aims to bring these […]

3 Ways Open Data Can Help Forests

By Asa Strong This article originally appeared on Insights. The open data movement—the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone—can drive innovation, make government and corporate activities more transparent and improve decision-making about natural resources. Global Forest Watch (GFW), an online forest monitoring platform, has helped make data accessible and visible to […]

View, Analyze, and Download Global Forest Watch Data Easier Than Ever With New Features

By Benjamin Jones, Asa Strong and Alyssa Westerman The Global Forest Watch team is excited to announce another round of upgrades that will improve your experience on the Global Forest Watch platform. Over the past year, GFW has expanded to include more forest and land-use data and advance functionality. To better accommodate new data, showcase existing […]