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This 23-year Old Woman is Innovating Forestry in Her Home Country

Sophie Gogibedashvili decided she wanted to be a forester during a hike in her second year of university. In the middle of Georgia’s Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park she was overwhelmed with emotion. “The forest was talking to me,” Sophie recalls. She is still touched by the memory even now, in her office at Georgia’s Center for […]

Fighting an Upstream Battle to Protect One of the World's Tallest Waterfalls

Christel Scheske is a 2018 GFW Tech Fellow. The GFW Tech Fellowship is designed to equip dedicated forest protection advocates from around the world with the skills and technologies to help halt deforestation. Christel lives and works in Peru as a project coordinator for the Conservamos por Naturaleza initiative of  Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental […]

Artificial Intelligence Helps Distinguish the Forest From the Trees: Part 1

Since 2015, World Resources Institute (WRI) and Orbital Insight have worked together with a grant from the Generation Foundation to find new applications of computer vision and deep learning that will support Global Forest Watch in better monitoring the world’s forests. This blog is Part I of a series that explores our latest project working […]

How Scientists Used Lasers, Satellites and Planes to Map One of Indonesia’s Biggest Sources of Emissions

Twenty years ago, Dr. Florian Siegert, a German-trained biologist, was conducting ecology research in Borneo when a series of fires blazed across Indonesia. The Asian Forest Fires of 1997-1998 burned thousands of miles of rainforest, creating a haze and air quality disaster that caused $5-6 billion in economic losses and endangered the long-term health of […]

PARTNER POST: REDDy or not? Find out with GFW Climate

By Jamie Gibson We’re very happy to announce our latest addition to the GFW family: GFW Climate! Working closely with the crew at WRI, we’ve created a bespoke application so you can analyse carbon emissions resulting from deforestation. Back in June we promised you compelling, intuitive visualizations that bring forest carbon data to life: take a look and tell […]

Increasing Forest Transparency through the Open Government Partnership

By Jessica Webb How can open government accelerate implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda? That’s the big question on the table at this year’s Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an initiative dedicated to increasing government transparency and citizen empowerment. One overlooked answer to that question is “forests.” Forests […]

3 Ways Obama Could Help Fight Indonesia's Massive Fires

By Nigel Sizer, Fred Stolle and Tjokorda Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi Children are forced to wear masks due to the toxic smoke from peat land fires. Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. Courtesy of CIFOR (Flickr) As President Obama and Indonesian President Joko Widodo meet today, climate change will be high on their agenda. A related, unexpected issue should also be on […]

Map of the Week: Tracking Hurricane Patricia in Near Real-Time

Tracking Hurricane Patricia in Near Real-Time  As Hurricane Patricia – the strongest hurricane ever recorded – prepares to make landfall in Mexico, people everywhere can use Global Forest Watch tools to track hurricane winds in the face of this critical national emergency. Global Forest Watch Fires uses data from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]

Leveraging the Power of the Crowd to Identify Illegal Land and Forest Fires in Indonesia

By Susan Minnemeyer The land and forest fires burning across Indonesia spiked to historic highs this month, causing a thick haze of toxic smoke that enveloped cities across Indonesia and neighboring countries. Officials across the region have pledged to investigate the perpetrators of these fires and hold those responsible accountable. A new campaign from Tomnod and WRI’s Global Forest Watch platform allows […]