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Triumphs and Challenges of Using Deforestation Alerts in Peru

In 2016, Global Forest Watch (GFW) and the University of Maryland released the world’s most detailed satellite-based deforestation alerts. Since the launch, the GLAD alert system has expanded from just three countries to the entire tropical region and is accessed by hundreds of thousands of users through GFW.   Peru’s Early Warning Alerts After using the GLAD deforestation alerts, […]

Closing Data Gaps to Eliminate Deforestation and Land Disputes from Beef Supply Chains in Paraguay

By  Peter Veit and Ryan Sarsfield Cows in the Paraguayan Chaco. Flickr/Arcadius. In the last 15 years, Paraguay lost a greater share of its forest than almost any other country on Earth. While soy farming once drove deforestation in the east, the focus of Paraguay’s forest loss has since moved west to the low-lying, thorn-forested Chaco, where cattle ranching has […]

For Companies that Cut Protected Forests, There’s Nowhere to Hide

For products like cacao (above) and palm oil, sustainability is increasingly critical to the corporate bottom line. Bobby Neptune/USAID. By Sarah Alix Mann and Octavia Aris Payne Some companies are learning the hard way that sustainability is increasingly critical to the corporate bottom line—and that advanced technologies make unsustainable and illegal practices easier to detect. The Roundtable on […]

Increasing Forest Transparency through the Open Government Partnership

By Jessica Webb How can open government accelerate implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda? That’s the big question on the table at this year’s Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an initiative dedicated to increasing government transparency and citizen empowerment. One overlooked answer to that question is “forests.” Forests […]

Securing Communities’ Rights to Forests Can Combat Climate Change

By Jonathan Mason Recognizing community forest rights is important not just for legally securing those lands for the community, but also for mitigating the threat of climate change. That’s what WRI and the Rights and Resources Initiative have detailed in a new collaborative report entitled Securing Rights, Combating Climate Change. The two organizations partnered to study […]

Q&A: Why Are Community Forests So Important?

By Danielle King A new report by WRI and the Rights and Resources Initiative, to be released on July 24th, shows governments can meet their climate change mitigation targets by protecting community forest rights. We caught up with the report’s lead author, Caleb Stevens, to find out why community forests are so important—both for human rights and for curbing climate […]

Indonesia Fires Flare: A Foreboding Start to Dry Season in Riau

By Nigel Sizer, Tania Puspita Firdausy, Susan Minnemeyer, Fred Stolle, Aaron Minnick, James Anderson and Hidayah Hamzah Read this post in Bahasa Indonesia. Residents of Indonesia and Singapore have been bracing themselves in recent weeks as WRI and others have warned that this year’s dry season would likely herald a severe spike in fires on the island of Sumatra and accompanying toxic haze across the region. As […]

Preventing Forest Fires in Indonesia: Focus on Riau Province, Peatland and Illegal Burning

By Nigel Sizer, Julius Lawalata, Andrew Leach, Susan Minnemeyer, Mark Higgins, Fred Stolle and James Anderson Indonesia’s latest major forest and peat fires left a trail of devastation in their wake. The fires, which reached a peak in March similar to that seen in the June 2013 haze crisis, produced vast amounts of choking smog. This led to the closing of hundreds of schools […]

Fires in Indonesia Spike to Highest Levels Since June 2013 Haze Emergency

By Nigel Sizer, James Anderson, Fred Stolle, Susan Minnemeyer, Mark Higgins, Andrew Leach and Ariana Alisjahbana Bacalah posting blog dalam Bahasa Indonesia di sini. In early March 2014, forest and peat fires in Indonesia’s Riau province, on the island of Sumatra, spiked to levels not seen since the previous Southeast Asian haze crisis of June […]