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FORMA250: Global Forest Watch’s original near real-time alert system gets an upgrade

By Brookie Guzder-Williams When Global Forest Watch launched, FORMA (FORest Monitoring for Action) 500 was our first and only near real-time alert system. By analyzing NASA satellite images, FORMA 500 gave monthly updates of tree cover loss (the death or removal of trees, regardless of cause) across the forests of the moist tropics at 500 […]

Coming Soon: FORMA 250 to Improve Detail, Frequency and Accuracy

By Brookie Guzder-Williams, Mikaela Weisse and Rachael Petersen Global Forest Watch seeks to provide the timeliest and most accurate data on forest change. With this in mind, one of the first data sets we published was FORMA (FORest Monitoring for Action), a monthly, 500-meter resolution alert product that flags areas of forest in the humid […]

FORMA: A Near Real-Time Alert System for Tropical Forest Loss

By Robin Kraft If you were the administrator of a protected forest, you would ideally have a staff of rangers on patrol, backed up by law enforcement and high-resolution satellite images to keep you up-to-date on the forest’s condition. In this ideal world, illegal activity would quickly be halted. Yet the reality is that many […]