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How Does China’s Growing Overseas Investment Affect Africa’s Forests? 5 Things to Know

By Bo Li and Yaxin Yan China’s investments in Africa have exploded in recent years, with outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) stock growing from $1 billion in 2004 to more than $30 billion in 2014. Investment in forests—particularly the timber sector—is no different. China’s overseas forest project investments grew from eight in 2007 to 84 in […]

South Africa Hosts World Forestry Congress: 4 Big Opportunities for Progress

By Charles V. Barber, Crystal Davis, Sean DeWitt and Nigel Sizer More than 1,700 leaders from governments, civil society, business and academia will gather next week in Durban, South Africa for the 14th World Forestry Congress (WFC). Hosted by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) just once every six years, the Congress is considered […]