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GUEST POST: Producing data that matters: Making community monitoring truly participatory

By Rachel Mulbry *The Siekopai and Sionabai nationalities are often referred to as Siekoya and Siona, respectively, in anthropological literature and historical writings. However, Siekopai and Sionabai are the preferred terms. Floating slowly down the shallow Río Kokaya, which forms the southern border of the indigenous Siekopai* territory in the Sucumbíos province of Ecuador, the […]

Ecuadorian Amazon: Black or Green Gold?

By Bernadette Menzinger; Translated by Paul Peters (CIAT) TERRA-I ANALYSIS   |   Ecuador is recognized as one of the biodiverse hotspots on earth, underneath the Amazon rainforest lies the country’s oil reservoir. With the oil companies and cleared routes come settlers, therefore more and more of this diverse rainforest is being cut down. Since the oil […]