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Triumphs and Challenges of Using Deforestation Alerts in Peru

In 2016, Global Forest Watch (GFW) and the University of Maryland released the world’s most detailed satellite-based deforestation alerts. Since the launch, the GLAD alert system has expanded from just three countries to the entire tropical region and is accessed by hundreds of thousands of users through GFW.   Peru’s Early Warning Alerts After using the GLAD deforestation alerts, […]

Women Research Institute Blazes Path Towards Fire Safety in Riau Communities

In a small village in Riau, Indonesia, community leaders have detected a fire. According to active fires alerts on Global Forest Watch (GFW) Fires, there is one burning on a nearby peatland. With the current wind patterns, the village could soon be shrouded in a thick, toxic smog. But the alert has given the community […]

Early Warning Systems for Deforestation: An Explainer

Identifying illegal forest activities using traditional methods such as foot patrols can be time consuming, expensive and often ineffective at stopping clearing before it’s too late. But thanks to recent technological advancements, we can detect forest disturbances more quickly than ever. Authorities can now prioritize areas for investigation and enforcement using satellite data to rapidly […]