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New Radar Alerts Monitor Forests Through the Clouds

New radar alerts (RADD), have improved detection of deforestation for 31 countries and aid companies pursuing sustainable supply chains

GLAD deforestation alerts in Central Africa, 2015-2020

Use of GLAD Alerts Led to 18% Reduction in Deforestation in Monitored African Forests

A recent study shows that using GLAD deforestation alerts to monitor forests correlates with reduced forest losses—by at least 18% in Africa.


PARTNER POST: Map of the Week: Congo Basin forest fires of unprecedented extent detected by UMD GLAD alerts

By the UMD Global Land Analysis and Discovery team The new UMD GLAD Landsat-based 30-m forest disturbance alerts detected one of the largest forest fires ever observed in the rainforests of Central Africa. Landsat-based alerts were confirmed by active fire detections from the MODIS and VIIRS sensors. More than 15,000 ha of upland open canopied forests […]


Map of the Week: New data shows land cover patterns

By Mikaela Weisse A new data set on Global Forest Watch shows global land cover from the European Space Agency. Not only does this data give us a second opinion on where forests are, it also shows the pattern and distribution of other land cover types – like croplands or urban areas – that can […]