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STATEMENT: Singapore’s New Haze Pollution Law “A New Way of Doing Business”

WASHINGTON (August 5, 2014)— Singapore’s Parliament passed the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act 2014 which allows regulators to prosecute companies and individuals that cause severe air pollution in Singapore by burning forests and peatlands in neighboring countries. The legislation was first proposed after fires in Indonesia spiked in June 2013, engulfing Singapore in haze. As the […]

High-Resolution Satellites Help Monitor and Respond to Fires in Southeast Asia

By Nigel Sizer, James Anderson and Josh Winer One of the most devastating threats to the environment, economy, and human health in Indonesia comes in the form of fire. Forest and bush fires, illegal and often associated with agricultural expansion and land conflict, can release a toxic haze that shuts down schools and airports, and sickens tens of thousands of people. Efforts to stop […]

GUEST POST: New maps reveal more complex picture of Sumatran fires

By David Gaveau Figure 1 — Map showing the progression of the February-March 2014 fires in the largest burned area (22,000 ha) on Pulau Rupat, a small island off the coast of mainland Sumatra, overlaid over our detailed land use map in an Acacia concession (HTI, or Hutan Tanaman Industri). The combined maps illustrate that the […]

Map of the Day: Logging Concessions in Gabon

  Find out more about Gabon’s forests at:

New Study Shows Indonesia Losing Primary Forest at Unprecedented Rates

By Ariana Alisjahbana, Fred Stolle and Belinda Margono New analysis published in Nature Climate Change shows that Indonesia is losing primary forest at a staggering rate. The country now has the highest rate of loss in tropical primary forests in the world, overtaking Brazil. Primary tropical forests are the most carbon- and biodiversity-rich type of forest ecosystem. Led by Belinda Margono (also […]

Indonesia Fires Flare: A Foreboding Start to Dry Season in Riau

By Nigel Sizer, Tania Puspita Firdausy, Susan Minnemeyer, Fred Stolle, Aaron Minnick, James Anderson and Hidayah Hamzah Read this post in Bahasa Indonesia. Residents of Indonesia and Singapore have been bracing themselves in recent weeks as WRI and others have warned that this year’s dry season would likely herald a severe spike in fires on the island of Sumatra and accompanying toxic haze across the region. As […]

New Palm Oil Production Maps Mark a Milestone in Transparency

Palm oil, the most widely consumed vegetable oil in the world, is produced across a whopping 17 million hectares worldwide, an area larger than Germany. Most oil palm comes from Indonesia and Malaysia, with production increasing in Central Africa and Latin America. But exactly where this oil palm is being grown—and more importantly, how it’s being produced—is […]

Three Reasons Investors Are Beginning to Take Sustainability Seriously

By Janet Ranganathan I recently attended the annual conference of the CFA Institute, the largest association of investment professionals in the world. This blog post is based on remarks I gave at a panel discussion, “Sustainable and Responsible Investing: Can Markets Save the World?” Notably, this is the first time the Institute has hosted a plenary […]

5 Overlooked Deforestation Hotspots

By James Anderson In appreciation for all the benefits forests provide for us, the UN has announced that today, March 21, be recognized as the International Day of Forests. It is a day to celebrate, among other things, the progress we have made improving forest management. But before getting carried away with the spirit of celebration, consider this: […]