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California Made Headlines, but 5 Other US States also Broke Wildfire Records in 2018

The western half of the United States spent much of last year on fire. While forest fires are a natural part of the ecology of the West, 2018 saw some of the most devastating fires in recent history as emergency management teams struggled to rein in blaze after blaze. The state of California suffered the […]

California’s Wine Country Wildfires Are Among the Worst on Record

By Susan Minnemeyer and Octavia Payne The wind-fueled fires that swept across Northern California last week, which resulted in at least 41 deaths (the largest death toll from fires in California’s history), hundreds missing and roughly 75,000 evacuated, are among the worst the state’s seen, according to active fire alerts produced by NASA and available […]

3 Trends in US Wildfires

By Sarah Alix Mann and Mimi Gong While fires in Indonesia may be making headlines recently, unprecedented forest fires have also scorched the Western United States this year, from the pristine forests of Alaska to the rocky desert foothills of California. This summer, fires in California burned hundreds of homes, triggering a state of emergency. […]

Map of the Week: King Fire in California Burns Areas of Clearcuts, Tree Plantations

The King Fire near Sacramento, California has spread rapidly, resulting in the evacuations of thousands. NASA’s Active Fire data picks up the fire clearly, and when viewed on Global Forest Watch, you can also see that much of the affected area is managed forests with a patchwork of clearcuts and tree plantations. Wind direction data […]