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Placing Global Wildfires into Local Context

Spurred by the media attention surrounding fires burning in the Amazon, people are starting to wonder if this intense heat is a global trend. A first glance at the Global Forest Watch (GFW) Fires map shows an aggressive splash of fire alerts across the globe, giving the impression that half the world is on fire. […]

Watersheds Lost Up to 22% of Their Forests in 14 Years. Here’s How it Affects Your Water Supply

By Yiyuan Jasmine Qin and Todd Gartner Drought in Sao Paulo. Flooding in the Himalayas. And pollution in Sumatra. These three distinct water crises have a common cause—degradation in forests. That’s because upstream forests, wetlands and other “natural infrastructure” play a critical role in supplying clean water downstream. They stabilize soil and reduce erosion, regulate […]

Map of the Day: Central African Fires

  Most of the fires detected in this map are burning in grass or cropland areas. Reports assert the fires are the result of both large and small-scale farmers attempting to manage the land in the most cost-effective way possible. However, in Angola, 80% percent of farmers are smallholders, which could explain the extensive use […]