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New White House Climate Data Initiative Highlights EcoHack

By Dan Hammer Yesterday, the Obama administration launched the Climate Data Initiative to support initiatives that transform open information into climate action. Several Global Forest Watch partners – including Google, Esri, and CartoDB – were recognized for their commitments and services to help make this initiative a success. The administration also highlighted EcoHack, an event […]

Fires in Indonesia Spike to Highest Levels Since June 2013 Haze Emergency

By Nigel Sizer, James Anderson, Fred Stolle, Susan Minnemeyer, Mark Higgins, Andrew Leach and Ariana Alisjahbana Bacalah posting blog dalam Bahasa Indonesia di sini. In early March 2014, forest and peat fires in Indonesia’s Riau province, on the island of Sumatra, spiked to levels not seen since the previous Southeast Asian haze crisis of June […]

New Small Grants Fund Can Help Civil Society Combat Deforestation

By Rachael Petersen With the launch of Global Forest Watch (GFW), anyone with an internet connection can now access troves of timely, high-quality information about where, when, and why forests are changing worldwide. The free, online monitoring system provides the open data and transparency necessary to improve forest management and enhance the livelihoods of forest-dependent […]

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Global Forest Watch News Roundup, Week of March 10

In this update, Global Forest Watch publishes a roundup of top forest news from around the world. Many of these stories demonstrate the power of spatial analysis and open data in monitoring and analyzing forest change and improving forest landscapes. To learn more about GFW, a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system, click here, or […]

FORMA: A Near Real-Time Alert System for Tropical Forest Loss

By Robin Kraft If you were the administrator of a protected forest, you would ideally have a staff of rangers on patrol, backed up by law enforcement and high-resolution satellite images to keep you up-to-date on the forest’s condition. In this ideal world, illegal activity would quickly be halted. Yet the reality is that many […]

Indonesian Fires Bring More Haze to Southeast Asia

By Ariana Alisjahbana, James Anderson, Susan Minnemeyer, Fred Stolle and Nigel Sizer The governor of Indonesia’s Riau province issued a state of emergency last week as thick haze blanketed large areas of the region, closing down schools and airports. According to local officials, more than 22,000 people have been impacted by respiratory problems–with the potential […]

PARTNER POST: Global Forest Watch: New Eyes on Chimpanzee Habitats in Africa

By Lilian Pintea Chimpanzees, our closet living relatives, depend on forests. The greatest concentrations of chimpanzees are found in rainforests across the equatorial forest belt in Africa — habitat that is rapidly diminishing as forests are cleared for agriculture and infrastructure. This is a story about how technology and a new partnership are working to […]

9 Maps that Explain the World’s Forests

By Crystal Davis and David Thau By the time we find out about deforestation, it’s usually too late to take action. Scientists have been studying forests for centuries, chronicling the vital importance of these ecosystems for human society. But most of us still lack timely and reliable information about where, when, and why forests are […]

Global Forest Watch - Join the Movement

By Nigel Sizer We know remarkably little about what is happening to forests. Businesses currently have no way of determining whether or how much the soy, palm oil, or pulp and paper they use contribute to deforestation. So companies like Unilever and Nestlé, which have committed to halting deforestation in their supply chains, are unable […]