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4 Ways GIS Mapping Can Empower Forest Communities in Indonesia

By Lisa Johnston, Andrew Leach, Andhyta Utami and Ariana Alisjahbana Indonesia has one of the world’s highest rates of deforestation, as well as millions of people dependent on forests for their livelihoods. Many live in traditional (adat) communities, which until recently lacked legal rights to the lands they have used and protected for generations. Last year’s Constitutional Court ruling could effectively return the […]

GFW Graduate Student Research Program

The Global Forest Watch (GFW) team is excited to announce the GFW Student Research Program (SRP). The program aims to support innovative and policy-relevant research drawing on GFW data and GFW’s open source API. The SRP provides grants for eligible graduate students to pursue forest-related research and interact with expert staff from the GFW team. […]

Work with Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch has a big vision: to empower better forest management across the world by providing better forest information. And we are expanding our team to help us achieve this goal. Are you passionate about the environment? Interested in geospatial data? A leading thinker or expert in forest monitoring? Apply today to work with […]

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Putting People on the Map: the Land Tenure Data Challenge and Global Forest Watch

By Rachael Petersen and Caleb Stevens Satellites provide a wealth of information about our planet’s resources. NASA’s Landsat satellite, for example, produces images that can be analyzed by complex algorithms to calculate areas of forest loss with greater precision than ever before. These advances allow Global Forest Watch to create an unprecedented picture of how […]

Preventing Forest Fires in Indonesia: Focus on Riau Province, Peatland and Illegal Burning

By Nigel Sizer, Julius Lawalata, Andrew Leach, Susan Minnemeyer, Mark Higgins, Fred Stolle and James Anderson Indonesia’s latest major forest and peat fires left a trail of devastation in their wake. The fires, which reached a peak in March similar to that seen in the June 2013 haze crisis, produced vast amounts of choking smog. This led to the closing of hundreds of schools […]

4 Actions Companies Can Take to Source Legal Wood

By Loretta Cheung and Ruth Nogueron Illegal logging drives deforestation in many countries, robbing national governments and local communities of valuable income and contributing to global biodiversity loss and climate change. Experts estimate that up to 10 percent—or about $7 billion—of the global wood supply is sourced illegally—meaning that the wood was harvested in violation of national laws or […]

PARTNER POST: Informing Collective Management of Private Forests in Uganda using GFW and Mobile Mapping Technologies

By Lilian Pintea The Global Forest Watch (GFW) platform presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the work of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in protecting chimpanzees and their habitats in Africa.  In this blog I would like to share how JGI and partners are building capacity to eventually use Global Forest Watch in combination with mobile technologies […]

5 Overlooked Deforestation Hotspots

By James Anderson In appreciation for all the benefits forests provide for us, the UN has announced that today, March 21, be recognized as the International Day of Forests. It is a day to celebrate, among other things, the progress we have made improving forest management. But before getting carried away with the spirit of celebration, consider this: […]

Tackling the Forest Information Problem with Global Forest Watch

By Crystal Davis We have all heard the phrase: “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.” By the time we find out where, when, and why deforestation is taking place, the opportunity for action has often passed. It can take years to collect, analyze, and publish data urgently needed by those who manage forests and […]