By Jessica Webb

Global Forest Watch is pleased to announce our call for applications for the 2019 Small Grants Fund and Tech Fellowship. The objective of these programs is to increase GFW’s impact by supporting organizations and individuals from eligible countries in tackling some of the world’s most pressing forest threats using big data and cutting-edge technology.

The focus of the programs this year is on using early warning systems to detect deforestation. The Global Forest Watch suite of tools, which includes the flagship platform, the Forest Watcher mobile application, and Mapbuilder, provides access to unparalleled satellite-based early warning systems to detect forest change. GFW’s GLAD alerts detect tree clearing every eight days at a 30-meter resolution across the Pantropics, and the VIIRs fire alerts detect fire hotspots on a daily basis at a 375-meter resolution globally. Together, these tools and systems help law enforcement and independent forest monitors respond to illegal clearing, support advocacy organizations and journalists in demanding accountability, and assist communities with monitoring and protecting their territories.

About the Small Grants Fund

Now entering its fifth cycle, the Small Grants Fund has partnered with over 40 civil society organizations from 30 countries around the world in applying GFW tools and data to respond to deforestation in near-real-time. As grantees, organizations receive financial and technical assistance to support use of GFW within their projects related to community engagement, advocacy, education, forest monitoring and enforcement or journalism. Successful candidates will propose a clear and concise plan for incorporating GFW tools and early warning systems into existing work, demonstrate how that work will lead to deforestation response and present a plan for sustaining this work beyond the project period.

The application for the Small Grants Fund will be open from February 1 – March 15, 2019. Projects will be implemented between June 2019 and May 2020.

About the Tech Fellowship

After a successful pilot last year, 2019 marks the first full cycle of the Tech Fellowship. The Fellowship was designed to help users in countries facing critical forest issues acquire the knowledge needed to take full advantage of available data, tools and information.

GFW is looking for local community leaders, conservation organizations, journalists, activists, lawyers, scholars, data specialists, law enforcement officers, policy makers for our 2019 cohort of Tech Fellows. Applicants should be experienced with forest issues in their countries and be passionate about applying technology to solve problems. Tech Fellows will be champions for technology and forest data, helping to adapt information to local needs and providing guidance to others on how to use forest monitoring systems.  

The application for the Tech Fellowship will open February 15, 2019 and applicants will be selected on a rolling basis. Fellows will carry out their projects from June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020.

Please visit our Grants & Fellowships page for more information on the programs, past projects, and how to apply.

BANNER PHOTO: Rangers use Forest Watcher to survey the landscape in Uganda.Photo by The Jane Goodall Institute..