By Jessica Webb Global Forest Watch (GFW) is thrilled to announce the 2017 call for proposals for our Small Grants Fund. Now in its fourth year, the Small Grants Fund supports non-governmental organizations by providing financial and technical support to optimize their use of GFW tools and data for better forest monitoring and management. This year, GFW is seeking proposals to turn deforestation information into action by rapidly responding to alert data. Successful applicants will use one or both of our near real-time datasets, the weekly GLAD alerts or daily VIIRS fire alerts, to slow or halt deforestation activities through law enforcement or advocacy. To be eligible, project work must take place in countries where GLAD alerts will be available by the project start date in June. These countries include:

South America Central Africa Southeast Asia
Bolivia* Burundi Brunei
Brazil Cameroon Indonesia
Colombia* Central African Republic Malaysia
Ecuador* Democratic Republic of the Congo Papua New Guinea
French Guiana* Equatorial Guinea Timor Leste
Guyana* Gabon
Peru Republic of the Congo
Suriname* Rwanda
Venezuela* Uganda
*GLAD alerts will be available for these countries in May 2017

Applications are due on April 15, and projects will run from June 2017 to March 2018. Selected organizations will be provided with a grant between $10,000 and $40,000 USD and technical support on using GFW. In addition, you will gain access to a unique network of current and past Small Grants Fund recipients who are tackling many of the same issues in the same regions around the globe. Projects could include:

  • A community forest monitoring group that investigates alerts and provides information on illegal forest clearing to local law enforcement, resulting in enforcement or fines
  • An advocacy group that documents illegal clearing, and develops a media campaign or a boycott resulting in further investigation or penalties
  • A national environmental law organization that provides support to a local group to bring a lawsuit against a company in violation of its land use agreement
  • A sustainable agriculture organization that helps companies monitor and reduce the deforestation impact of green their supply chains
  • A media organization that trains journalists to use GFW alert data, resulting in an increase coverage of local deforestation events
  • A conservation organization that raises the protected status of a threatened land area, using alert data to demonstrate the urgency of deforestation threats
  • A community association that uses the Forest Watcher mobile app and/or drones to collect images and evidence and shared it with companies, law enforcement, and/or advocacy groups

For more information and to apply, please visit the Small Grants Fund page on our website.

BANNER PHOTO by PanNature, a 2016 Small Grants Fund Recipient.