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Forest Loss Pushes Far Beyond Plantation Boundaries in South America, Africa

By Rachael Petersen, Liz Goldman, Mikaela Weisse and Dmitry Aksenov Which of the world’s forests are natural, and which have been planted by humans? Orangutans at Camp Leakey, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by James Anderson for WRI (Flickr). It seems like a simple question, but researchers have been struggling to answer it for years. Satellites can’t […]

Map of the Week: New data shows land cover patterns

By Mikaela Weisse A new data set on Global Forest Watch shows global land cover from the European Space Agency. Not only does this data give us a second opinion on where forests are, it also shows the pattern and distribution of other land cover types – like croplands or urban areas – that can […]

UrtheCast offers a high-resolution view of the world’s forests on Global Forest Watch

By Octavia Payne and Karla Renschler Today, UrtheCast became the latest company to lend its immense earth observation capacity to conservation efforts. In partnership with Global Forest Watch (GFW), UrtheCast is providing free access to high-resolution satellite imagery—15m pansharpened Landsat 8 imagery, 22m Deimos-1 imagery and 5m Theia imagery—through the GFW platform. The new GFW feature […]

Mill Data: A Step towards Achieving Transparency in the Palm Oil Sector

By Lyndsey Dowell, Anne Rosenbarger and Sarah Lake Palm oil production, a major driver of deforestation in the humid tropics, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, poses potential reputational risks to companies associated with it. Recognizing these risks, a growing number of firms have announced ambitious commitments to reduce or even completely remove deforestation from their supply […]

Tracing the paths to forest destruction: new crowdsourcing initiative tackles logging roads in the Congo Basin

By Thomas Maschler, Leo Bottrill and Rachael Petersen “Roads are the seeds of tropical forest destruction,” said the prominent ecologist Thomas Lovejoy. But until now, roads have been difficult to map and visualize, often discovered only after they have been abandoned and the damage to the forest around them has been done. A new tool aims to bring these […]

New GFW Maps Show Vast Logging, Oil Palm and Plantation Concessions in Sarawak

By Rachael Petersen, Samantha Gibbes and Mikaela Weisse Sarawak, a Malaysian state on the historically richly forested island of Borneo suffers from high rates of deforestation, but understanding this dynamic is made difficult by government secrecy and lack of transparency. Official maps of logging, oil palm and wood fiber concessions for Sarawak are hard to come by; the government does not […]

PARTNER POST: New ACT web mapping initiative "Amazon Gold Rush: Gold Mining in Suriname" published

This StoryMap was created by the Amazon Conservation Team. Click here to view full sized.

Satellites Uncover 5 Surprising Hotspots for Tree Cover Loss

By Rachael Petersen, Nigel Sizer, Matt Hansen, Peter Potapov and David Thau Cet article peut être lu en français. Este artículo se puede leer en español. The world’s tropical forests are in trouble, confirm new satellite-based data from the University of Maryland and Google, and released today on Global Forest Watch. The world lost more than 18 million hectares (45 million acres) of tree […]

Map of the Week: Planned Natural Gas Pipeline Threatens Protected Areas in Virginia and W. Virginia

By Elizabeth Goldman The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 550-mile planned natural gas pipeline that would run from West Virginia to North Carolina, has been in the news recently over environmental impact concerns. According to the U.S. Forest Service, if the project moves forward, 30 miles of the pipeline would run through national forests in Virginia […]