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Indigenous community in Peru tests out the Forest Watcher Mobile App

Forest Watcher Improves Offline Functions for Frontline Forest Defenders

Forest Watcher is designed to serve forest monitors at work in the field. New updates to the app make that easier than ever.


Protecting Paraguay’s Ancestral Forests with Modern Tech

This is the Gran Chaco. A vast expanse of dry forest, cactus stands and palm savannahs—a stretch of rural Paraguay considered far away from just about everywhere. Despite its remoteness and low population, the Chaco represents both home and livelihood for those who reside there. But the area has become increasingly threatened in the last 20 years as trees are felled in favor of ranches producing beef for export.This is the village of Chaidi, home to the Ayoreo Totobiegosode, an indigenous people


Closing Data Gaps to Eliminate Deforestation and Land Disputes from Beef Supply Chains in Paraguay

By  Peter Veit and Ryan Sarsfield Cows in the Paraguayan Chaco. Flickr/Arcadius. In the last 15 years, Paraguay lost a greater share of its forest than almost any other country on Earth. While soy farming once drove deforestation in the east, the focus of Paraguay’s forest loss has since moved west to the low-lying, thorn-forested Chaco, where cattle ranching has […]


Indigenous Communities Fend Off Invaders in the Peruvian Amazon

By Mikaela Weisse and Ruth Nogueron We motored down a muddy tributary of the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon, moving quickly to make it home before dark. We had travelled upriver the day before with eight monitors from Nuevo Saposoa and Patria Nueva, communities of Peru’s indigenous Shipibo-Conibo people. Our mission: to investigate and document […]


GUEST POST: Producing data that matters: Making community monitoring truly participatory

By Rachel Mulbry *The Siekopai and Sionabai nationalities are often referred to as Siekoya and Siona, respectively, in anthropological literature and historical writings. However, Siekopai and Sionabai are the preferred terms. Floating slowly down the shallow Río Kokaya, which forms the southern border of the indigenous Siekopai* territory in the Sucumbíos province of Ecuador, the […]


StoryMap: Meet the Yudja, Brazil’s Forest Guardians

By Sarah Parsons The Yudja are one of many indigenous groups who call Brazil’s Amazon rainforest home. For decades, they’ve sustainably managed their community forest, relying on it for food, shelter and livelihoods. Yet like many forest communities around the world, the Yudja now face unprecedented threats in the form of new roads, hydroelectric dams, […]